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getting ready

October 19, 2009

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I get such a kick out of turkeys lurking in the corn fields, they are scooping up the leftovers and hoping something was left for them.  Some farms have already chopped all the corn, some have corn standing still, but almost all are looking towards winter and making ready.

Animals love finding nice warm places to hunker down in and today George Cook,  Farm Safety Specialist, Maple Guru and the boss for the Vermont AgrAbility Project,  reminded me of this when he told me of a squirrel that had hoped to take up winter residence in his garage.  Not really what George was thinking.  So he put out his best rat trap, baited it with peanut butter and waited for the carcass.  Except there was no carcass.  No rat, squirrel, mouse, chippy or weasel.  No trap either.  It had disappeared but left evidence of distress in a little puddle of poop and smudge on the garage floor.  Now George’s day will end with a hunt for the trap and critter under the house, again not really what George was planning to do.

Rodent destruction  of stored crops is serious stuff.    But thinking about it now, before the snow and ice sets in is a good way to prepare for the season.   Here is a terrific link to some rodent control information .  Education about what kind of vermin is a good place to start.  Identify your pest, understand the habitat and needs of the critter and protect against infestation.   

UVM Extension has all sorts of resources and professionals  including George who will tell you how well his rat trap and peanut butter method worked.   George says ” next time, stake it down”.

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  1. glcook permalink
    October 20, 2009 1:39 pm

    Found the squirrel, long before it got ripe.

  2. Bill Snow permalink
    October 20, 2009 8:34 am

    Our house cat is not the best at rodent control. She plays with them for hours. Sometimes we find them days after by odor. This past weekend I showed our cat a full page ad in a farm magazine. It is a picture of a cat holding a double barrel shot gun aimed at a mouse hole !

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