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November 3, 2009

Just Paddlin' Along

Gail is our resident rug hooker at the VT AgrAbility Project.  She takes her vacations as hooking retreats, sometimes in Maine, sometimes more locally.  Her work is beautiful and speaks of the attention to detail that she gives to it.    Glad To Be Home copy

Gail is also Bill Snow’s counterpart on the left side of the Green Mt. State and covers just about everything West of the Green Mountains.   She is one of our AgrAbility Outreach Specialists. She goes out to farms and works with farmers by finding ways to make their work easier when there has been a disability or illness or injury.   

Gail is a gardener and discovered that ticks, specifically those nasty black-legged tics (or deer ticks)  that can cause lyme disease have invaded her space.   Being a women with attention to detail, Gail was able to find one crawling on her, which can be hard to do because they are so darn small.  But find it she did and managed to pull it before it had been 36 hours.   This was after working in her garden of all places.

Gail knew better than to flop on the tall grass by the pond, but a moment of relaxation resulted in another gross encounter.  She pulled that one off of her before the 36 hour window.  350px-Norwegian-Elkhound

Knowing that ticks love dogs and dogs love places where ticks are, she checked her Norwegian Elkhound to discover that he had attracted some too, even with a flea and tick treatment. 

Tenacious little buggers.  They even got to her cat, who has an enclosed outside area.  I guess ticks are no respectors of boundaries.  

Gail is one for turning lemons into lemonade, so she put together a Lyme Tick Fact Sheet for AgrAbility.  Hit the link and you can print off the pdf. Tick-Lyme factsheet

So now that the weather is getting cooler and the ticks are generally slowing down in November, Gail will have time to concentrate on her colors, her strips of wool and her projects.  Far more fun then pulling ticks.

Let's Play! We Thought You Said 'Let's Lay'! 

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  1. November 6, 2009 9:32 am

    Gail’s rugs are stunning! And this article is a gem! Ticks keep finding their way onto my pups so I’m grateful to know how to properly handle them. Nice job!

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