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Safe Travels

December 29, 2009

Holiday Break is happening at UVM Extension and the office is really quiet today.  There is a good-sized storm happening outside with a Nor’ Easter heading this way over the New Years.   Vermont, like much of the Nation is under the gun of bad weather and holiday traveling.    The State Police said today that if you didn’t have to travel, you should just stay home. 

But if you do have to go out here are the basic reminders for a safe trip.

1. Dress for the weather.  It is cold and hats, gloves and boots will help to keep you warm if you get stuck somewhere.

2. Make sure the car or truck has plenty of fuel, and fill up at the half way mark, – letting the tank run low.  

3. Have a blanket, shovel and flashlight in the car or truck for just-in-case.

4. Make sure the tires are fully inflated and the tread is good for snow.

5. take your time and allow for slow travel.

6. get a highway update if possible to see where trouble spots might be.

Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday season.  See you in 2010!

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