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Farm Show

January 29, 2010

Yesterday was the last day at the annual Vermont Farm Show.   AgrAbility had a booth as did Extension as a whole, so it was like old home day for a lot of us.  The farm show gives folks an excuse to come out in the middle of winter and see what is new, what is old and true and attend annual association meetings.   Yesterday was the Dairy Banquet and Maple before that and the political pull where state lawmakers compete milking a cow.   There were llamas down stairs and some chickens.  Other than that farm product is limited to jams, jellies, maple and the like.  

There were nearly 300 entries for the raffle that RAVR and AgrAbility did and 49 requests for more information.  We all made bunches of contacts and I will be heading out to visit all sorts of farms in the next couple of weeks; some small fiber flocks with a couple of sheep and the like as well large belted Galloway beefers.  How much fun is that!

The drive home from the show was just horrible though with white out conditions all along route 89 and route 12 heading back to Morrisville.  I creeped along, like many of my coworkers with flashers on going just as carefully as possible.  No one really likes the interstate with white out conditions.  We all made it home safely and the emails today all comment about the winter weather.  

Today the sun is back out, the temperature is a seasonal 5 degrees with windchill temperatures below zero.   Yup, winter is back in action. 

Farm Show come and gone,  the January thaw over and spring right around the corner.

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