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What a time was had

April 23, 2010

Dr. Michael Darre presenting Poultry A-Z

Workshops have to planned way in advance.  You book the space, get the experts, find the supplies and then promote the idea.  You can plan on good weather, but better not in New England.  Especially in Northern Vermont in April.  So we had horrible rain the night before and cold rain with a bit of snow spitting at us for the poultry A-Z workshop.  Would have been fine if we were inside all day, but hands on means hands on,  and so after a BBQ chicken lunch,  we were under a tent and outside processing chickens. Learning how to do it correctly and safely.

First we were given a complete run through of the process.  We had three processing experts, George Eisenhardt (pictured on the right) and Dr. Mike Darre (on the left) as well as Marcel Massey.  The  30 participants watched and then  broke into 3 different work groups, and everyone who wanted to give it a try, did so with one on one coaching by the experts and their helpers.

The hands on session followed the  Home Processing of Poultry outline as closely as possible so that folks would return home feeling confident that they could process their own birds.  Folks that wanted to take their bird home after chilling brought a cooler and ice to keep the temperature of the bird down.  Most everybody tried.  Some didn’t and said that the workshop proved to them that they didn’t want to butcher their own birds in the first place.  Which was just fine.

The bottom line is that a good time was had by all and we even learned something in the process.  Dr. Darre is planning to return to Vermont to do another Poultry A-Z workshop in September.  Hopefully the weather will be a bit warmer.

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  1. Willing to learn permalink
    April 24, 2010 7:57 am

    Please email me info on the next Poutry A-Z event

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