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Steel City Bound

June 21, 2010

Emily Morehouse is our USDA  NIFA liaison in Washington DC,  our “go-to-girl” for any administration questions we have related to our National AgrAbility Grant.  

We are in our final year of our 4 year grant and will be applying for another grant at the end of this cycle, our grant ending  April 30th of 2011.   All AgrAbility grants are run though land grant colleges  and each of the programs have a different flavor to how they provide services to farmers working with disabilities.   Each grant that is written and submitted follows a basic outline, but each State program adapts their program to uniquely serve their local population. 

It is not an automatic award, the completion for grants is strong and on average 13 programs are funded a year.   There are mountains of  minutiae  in any federal grant and questions abound, making Emily a very critical piece of the puzzle.  Helping us to make sure we are getting the details right so that we can serve the folks in Vermont.   

Emily is busy busy busy working with all the state programs as well as traveling around the country on related business.  Here are her words of late.

After a brief respite from work-related travel, I’m back on the road/up in the air again. The last time I was in Pittsburgh, all I can remember was losing all the pictures I had taken on my memory card in my camera, so I’m hopeful for a much better experience this trip.

With opportunities to expand my knowledge in regards to agricultural health and safety, and learning more about engineering practices applicable to agricultural, food, and biological systems, I hope that my experience attending the 2010 American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers International meeting this week will be a positive one! Several sessions are dedicated to ergonomics, safety, and health with a specific AgrAbility track, so it will be great to see familiar faces and learn more about what impact projects are having out in their respective states and regions.

 This meeting will be one of two society meetings I will be traveling to during the month of June. Although I am not a member of ASABE, I spent a great deal of time during my graduate studies during the week in the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Building on the campus at the University of Illinois taking agricultural safety and health courses. So with that, here’s to a great conference, professional development, and networking opportunities!

Happy Travels Emily, hope you find friendly skies!   Have a good time in  Steel City and get some good pictures for us. 

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