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Be Berry Careful

July 14, 2010

It’s finally BERRY time ! In many places in the country there are pick-your-own farms to go to, or you can go wild berry picking in the woods or up mountains. Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries and wild berries are just waiting for you to come find them.

Where ever you go to pick there are a few cautions to be aware of. I will use the very exact wording of the American River Cherry Company to give you an idea of some of the unusual issues berry pickers face:

Picking berries and cherries may or may not by its nature be a hazardous activity, but occasionally an injury may occur. Amongst the myriad of things that might happen, you might trip and fall, get stung by a bee, get a berry-vine-thorn in your finger, drown in the pond, eat too many berries, cherries or peaches and get a tummy ache, find a bug in your berries, get sunburned, break into a sweat, get dehydrated, injure a back muscle, or even get dive bombed by an irate creature of the avian nature whose dinner you have just purloined. Not to mention all sorts of other wildlife—squirrels, rabbits, lizards, snakes, Bigfoot, etc.

To prevent problems, please go to your picking locations prepared with fluids to drink, Benadryl  in case of  bee stings, tweezers for thorns, protective hat, sunscreen, an energy snack, a preplan of exactly where and how long you will pick and an “exit” plan incase a bear or other berry loving wildlife challenges you for space. If you have back issues, only pick from higher bushes and have your family or friends get the lower ones.

Picking berries is fun, but not easy. You will get your share of bumps and scratches, your hands will turn different shades of red and purple and your feet will be tired, but you will have the main ingredients for all kinds of delicious possibilities like jam, pie, cake & ice cream toppings. You will also get the best nights sleep afterwards. Happy Picking!!

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