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July 22, 2010

My fellow AgrAbility co-worker Margaret has been busy busy busy working for this group.  Today there is a task force meeting and I heard rumor that there will be cake!  I am joining in today to report about farm safety activities.  Here are Margaret’s words:

Congratulations are in order to the Vermont Farm Health Task Force, for three successful years of collaboration, networking, effective programming, and raising awareness about the significant issues faced by Vermont’s farm communities, and addressing a variety of solutions!

The Health Task Force is a consortium of 50 farmers, health care practitioners, agricultural professionals and organizational leaders who have worked together to establish an inclusive statewide working group. The Task Force mission is to promote and sustain a healthy, stable farm work force in Vermont, utilizing a “common ground” approach which focuses on the commonalities and shared health and safety needs of all farmers, farm workers and farm families living and working on Vermont farms.  Task Force members work collaboratively on planning, resource development and program activities, advocating for sate and organizational policies that improve the lives of the Vermont farm community.
Notable accomplishments of the past year are:

Agricultural Health and Occupational Safety training for health care practitioners and ag professionals

Stress Management for Ag Professionals workshops

The Farm First Program providing EAP supports to VT Dairy Farmers in this time of economic stress

Cooperation with The Barn Fire Prevention Task Force

Outreach and education to rural clinics and health care practitioners regarding migrant

Immigrant worker health issues

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