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You know it is gonna break right when you need it

July 28, 2010



Time for a lot of Vermont farmers to be out in the field with 2nd cut.  Proper handling and curing of hay is critical if you are going to be able to sell your hay crop or feed your animals over the cold winter months.    The weather seems to be just right for cutting the hay and going back out with the tedder.   Out at Agape Hill Llama farm, getting feed for the critters is a family affair and while farm tours are going on, Sam is out in the field taking care of business.   

That is until a bolt blew out on the tedder and he had to stop and figure out what was happening.   So important that he turned the tractor totally off before he stuck his head down by the rake to see what was up.     

No matter how well you plan, it seems like stuff is gonna wear out or break or bounce off or buckle right when you are needed to get the job done.   To replace or not  is a good question to ask yourself before you head out.  In this case, Sam was able to make the fix and returned  to get the job done.    And, if you can’t or don’t need to replace the whole thing,  at least taking the time to check out the status of the machine: the belts, hoses, gears, PTO cover shields, and slow moving vehicle signs Are they all in good order and ready to go?      

And here is the bottom line,  machines can’t do the job you need them to do if they are broken.  Better to take a few minutes before the job then an hour or so in the middle of it.   


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