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Poultry A to Z workshop

August 12, 2010

We are doing it again.  Poultry A to Z Workshop: Everything you ever wanted to know but are afraid to ask.  A few changes from the last workshop, but basically the same outline.  Come at 9 and learn  how to raise poultry, how to house them, eggs and feed.  All from Extension specialist  Dr. Michael Darre, then a lovely chicken BBQ and farm tour and after lunch a hands on workshop over at Gopher Broke Farm right up the road.   You learn to butcher, pluck, clean and package your bird.. and you get to go home with it if you bring a cooler with ice. 

Why is  VT AgrAbility doing this?  Because we want to make sure you know how to do this safely and we want to prevent injuries and illness as much as we enjoy working with farmers who already struggle with health issues.    Plus it is a good thing.   Learning to process poultry can be a bit intimidating for first time farmers or for folks who what to raise their own food.  

The first time we ran this workshop it spitted snow and everyone plus a few more showed up. I expect this workshop to fill up fast, so book ahead.   Call me: Alexandra Jump at 802-888-4972 or toll-free 866-260-5603 or you can email me:    Hope to see you there!

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