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Who doesn’t like pie?

September 14, 2010

The weather has turned colder and the last of the hay is being brought in.  Chopping corn has started too  and the apple orchards are in full swing.  Time for all things apple.  Pie, apple butter, candy-apples, apple crisp, apple cider, baked apples, apple sauce, apple jelly, apple pan betty, apple strudel  and  apples can also be  put up for the winter.

I had a great hunger provoking call with our food and nutrition specialist ( and apple queen) Dianne Lamb to speak with her about all things apple and the harvest and food preservation.    We talked pie and which apples are best.  

” A good apple pie is only as good as the person who is eating it, feels about it”  she said.

 True that Dianne, true that.  

Dianne has been working for Extension a good long time in the Bennington area and knows a thing or two about preserving as well.   Pie talk migrated to sauce and canning and  timing in the hot water bath.

 ” Hot sauce, into hot jars, into a hot water bath. Use a plastic spoon/knife to remove the bubbles, a metal one could crack the jar and you would never know until later.  Lids on and rings too. Place in the canner, filled with hot water and bring to a boil for 15 minutes  if making pints and 20 for quarts.  Remove from the burner,take off the cover of the canner,  let sit for 5 minutes then take jars out of the bath.  Set jars on the counter, with lots of air space to cool and leave alone for 24 hours.  Don’t get tempted to see how it is working.  Then, romove the rings,  test the seals to make sure they took.   You don’t need your rings anymore, leaving them on can casuse problems down the road.   Don’t forget to lable and date with contents.”   She tells me. 

And there has been an apple seller just down the road from my Extension office.  She picks apples up in Isle Lamotte and has some Paula Reds… is rainy now and a bit chilly.  I think I will pick a peck  on the  way home and make some sauce for tonight.

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