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Rebate for Rollbars media blitz

October 8, 2010

photo by Jamie Moorby

Last week  the official VT Rebates for Roll Bars Program was rolled out.   Three TV station crews and AP staff all arrived at the same time and were quickly connected with researchers, farmers, etc. to interview and film.  Matt and his Research Assistant, Amy Walker, made it happen.   Will Ameden offered up his beautiful hilltop farm, Catamount Aviation and Under Orion Farm for the event.   Matt was successful in getting air time on the regional news programs as well as national play with some publications.   Matt sent me this the following day:

“One farmer has already contacted the and ordered a ROPS.  The VT Rebates for Roll Bars Program has committed $646.80 from the Retrofit Fund to reimburse him %70 of the cost when he sends in the receipt.

27 farmers are in the pipeline behind him, having registered with the program, but not yet having ordered their ROPS.

The ROPS Retrofit Fund has $5000.00 in it currently and a commitment from Cooperative Insurance Co. for another $15,000 on January 1 (Cooperative  has committed to an additional $15,000 for 2012 and 2013), so tractor owners who register now will still get in a good position on a wait list for a January order.  Based on what happened with a similar campaign in New York, and the current demand in VT, we estimate a need to raise an additional $40,000 to keep the program going through 2011! ”  Matt

And now is the time to keep the ball rolling.  

Please consider downloading the VT Rebates for Roll Bars Program  and passing it along to folks that might be interested.  

Those interested in helping sponsor this program  can contact Matt at 802-888-4792 x404
Click here to Register for the ROPS Program



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