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Happy Travels

November 11, 2010

First nice day in a while,  sunny and just a smidge of  snow crust  left on the sides of the road.  We had the most horrible sleet gray day on Monday and meetings were cancelled or held via conference call.  Snow tires seem to be the theme around here.  While we have a bit of nice weather for a few days, the idea of getting our cars and trucks ready for the winter will most likely go back on the shelf.  Who wants to think about it anyhow, long cold days and poor driving conditions are not always at the top of the list. 

But now is a good time.   So here is the list from   safewinterdriving[1]  Click on it and you can print it out and post it or give it to someone you think might need to get their car or truck ready.   It is a couple of pages, but here is a shorter list of things to get ready.

Get your car serviced now and stock your vehicle.  

Stock up: snow shovel, broom and ice scraper.  Abrasive material such as sand or kitty litter (in case your vehicle gets stuck in the snow).    Jumper cables, flashlight and warning devices such as flares and markers.  Blankets and protection from the cold.  A cell phone, water, food and any necessary medicine for longer trips. 

Do I have to mention that leaving water in the car, in the winter in Northern New England , will result in it freezing?  Or need I to mention to please don’t leave medications out in plain view?   Common sense. 

And reminders are always good when there is time to get  ’round to-it.  

Happy Travels.

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