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driving in mashed potatoes

December 14, 2010

Last week the weather was nasty and I turned around halfway to a team meeting because Rt.  89 was already down to one lane and visibility was terrible.  I get a tad stressed driving in crummy weather.   Some towns got over 2 ft of snow from that storm, while other towns only got a few inches.  Then yesterday a huge front came though and temperatures started high and ended low, again making driving a bit dicey.    This morning, coming in was like driving in mashed potatoes, but it looks really lovely.    

We were all in that mess out there.  And getting our last-minute, holiday, end of the semester, end of the year work done, while “taking it slow” can be a bit oxymoronic.  We are trying to be joyous and thankful because  this is a time for friends and family.  The slow season really comes at the end of January.    This can sometimes feel like it  is the season of getting all the loose ends tied up and getting  the ’round-to-it projects completed.    Add to it  the need to take it slow, give yourself more time, let the car warm up, clear off your windshield, shovel the walk, put down the salt, oh and can you grab a gallon of milk on your way home,  makes it all seem exhausting. 

 Seasonal exhaustion and stress affect people different. Some folks thrive in this type of busy bustle, while others are overwhelmed and really struggle with trying keep up a healthy balance. There are help lines for folks that feel like they are at their breaking points.  And if you are worried about a neighbor or family member, these help lines can guide you through how to move forward. 

I am a big fan of music and humor to keep me in balance.  That, and finally realizing, that  if I allow  for the extra time I need to get where I am going, I am less stressed.

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