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Up in Smoke

January 7, 2011

George has gone out on a call,  chimney fire it seems.   I love a fire in the winter especially after being outside in the weather and warming up by the wood stove.  Bucking wood, stacking, hauling, loading the stove, all the routine of heating with routine brings a familiarity and a rhythm.  By the time spring comes and the wood pile is low I am so done with it. 

Chimney fires are scary.  It always amazes me to hear of folks who have one and just didn’t take the time to have the chimney checked.  Or they see a chimney fire as an annual occurence.  They simply don’t do the inspection they need to, or burn green wood or justify having an old,  rusty, dusty extinguisher as good ‘nuf.   

George is back now, all is fine, they got to it before it did damage.   He is the Hyde Park Fire Prevention officer and says that before folks burn again, after a fire, they recommend a professional chimney sweep and chimney inspection.  Also, old buildings tend to mean old chimneys.

This time of year,  rural fire departments respond to chimney fire calls frequently, more then structural fires.  Go figure.  One might think that since Vermonters have been heating with wood for such a long time, that we would all know the basic steps to prevent chimney fires.  Well  just because you know something, does not mean that you take the time to do the necessary maintenance work or to have the fire extinguishers ready to go. Co-op Insurance puts out a nifty little outline on this topic. 

I love the smell and the sound of fires burning in the wood stove.  It is comforting and there is something very primal about it the glow in the winter night.

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  1. April 30, 2013 10:09 pm

    Having a regular maintenance contract on your chimney will help to insure that you never have a chimney fire.

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