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Up on the roof

February 3, 2011


We got a good amount of nice dry snow…oxymoronic to call snow dry, but dry snow is light and much easier to shovel.  Folks are out cleaning up and digging out.   This fellow was up on a roof mid day and was pushing the snow off the roof line.  Luckily he was on a garage and if he slips, he goes into some snow piles.   There are things call roof  rakes, which are much safer to use.    Maybe he should go get one.   

Also, while you are digging out, layer what you wear and drink plenty of water.   I go for the boots-gaters-snow pants, combo for deep snow shoveling.   Don’t like snow in my boots. Not one bit.   

I did my Snow Shoveling in little bits and pieces yesterday while it was coming down.   Decks and walks and most importantly, the air vents and the back of the house.  Don’t want any Carbon Monoxide  build up. 

The best thing about getting a lot of light dry snow is that it is easier to move then the packed wet stuff and the day after the storm, everything looks so clean.

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