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Getting ready for NOFA

February 9, 2011

Matt and Amy are making a ton of noise out in the hall…getting ready for NOFA’s winter conference this weekend and getting the display ready.   They have a 4 ft. table a bunch of things they want to put out there for the ROPS program.  Space is limited and to get the attention of  folks, they are going to make the display eye catching.  Almost the whole office pitches in with commentary.   Amy is really good though, so they have it all figured out.  

Popping my head out of the office, I wanna know how many folks have signed up so far. 135.  That is an impressive number.  Co-Operative Insurance and  UVM Extension are stepping up to the plate in support of this program.   Matt  says, ” Wait,  I have more numbers for you. ”  He always does,  he is the stats man.    Here is the poster in mini form.  It is actually a couple of feet high.  I think it is a real attention-getter.  Let me know what you think.

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