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No such thing as a snow day

March 8, 2011

Most of us are truly sick of snow.  Linda wants me to go out and shovel the mailbox.  It is beautiful out today, sun and longer days ahead. I might go evaluate the situation at the mailbox, but I did my fair share of shoveling yesterday.  We had a snow day and  UVM closed up shop.  The roads were messy and with 30 inches of fresh snow in Morrisville, and  another couple of inches of slush from all the rain on Sunday, it was a good day to stay off the roads.

I talked with a farmer friend yesterday about a scheduled appointment.  Said, “Hey the roads are terrible, won’t be coming up today.”   She said, “Fine.   Boys had to clear snow and so I had to do morning chores and the barn flooded here on Sunday with all the rain.  I got stuck at the house and Charlie got stuck while plowing and now Tom is trying to pull him out with the tractor.”

Farmers don’t get snow days,  they get long days with the extra job of dealing with snow.    And then Bob our town highway department supervisor came into the office to find out who owned which cars because our parking lot flooded with 6 inches of iced-over-slush and they gotta move everything around to dig a drainage ditch.

Said,  “Hey Bob,  roads are looking like you and your crew have been working right straight.”  He said,  “48 hours with only 45 minute breaks every 12” .   Snow days for him are double, double work days.   He said that they will be hauling snow for the next two nights getting ready for the next storm that is coming.

And that is the issue.   We are going to get another system and with all the rain, snow and general wetness to come,  there does not look like there is room left for the water.  Rivers are up and flood warnings went out everywhere yesterday.  We need a few more days for things to settle before we get hammered again.

In the meanwhile,  Snow Shoveling and clearing out as best you can and make room for more stuff to fall.  Get the snow off the roofs, reduce the risk of   Carbon Monoxide poisoning  by clearing your air vents, check on your neighbors, check in with your local farmers and give a hand if you can.  Stock up and check the water levels if you are in a flood plain.

Have a plan for just in case.  Then enjoy the sun and the warm for today, because this is New England and you know the weather is gonna change.

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  1. March 8, 2011 9:28 pm

    Hey Julie,

    love the idea of an arrow decal where the vents are… it took me about 40 minutes to wade out in with what seemed to be waist deep snow to get to the vent at our place. We have carbon monoxide detectors along with our smoke detectors, but I had not thought of the furnace having an auto shut off and then needing to get the guys out to restart it.

  2. March 8, 2011 4:21 pm

    Having a neighbor or relative check on unoccupied homes and homes of folks with special needs is really important. My parents are out of town so once I got plowed out I headed over to my parents’ condo. I had quite a job shoveling along the outside wall to get to the furnace air intake and vent. As I got close I got a nose-ful of natural gas odor. Called Vermont Gas and they reset the furnace. Fortunately the safety mechanisms all worked as designed. If I could have gotten there earlier, the furnace probably would have refired on its own. My dad put an arrow decal on the side of the unit above the vents to help locate them in just this situation. It would have helped to have a warning before I tripped over the meter, too.

  3. March 8, 2011 3:11 pm

    Afraid so…

  4. Margaret permalink
    March 8, 2011 3:04 pm

    Thanks Alex, This morning on the way to work I drove the road along the creek. The level was actually above the road, held back only by the snow banks. I picked up the pace and got to higher ground as soon as I could.

    No matter what happens now we are all going to get wet.

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