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What You Don’t Know Might Hurt You

April 8, 2011

NPIC is the acronym for National Pesticide Information Center. Check their website out and bookmark it for reference, it’s an invaluable resource. Want information in another language? They have information in 170 languages. Do you think you never use pesticides? You might be surprised to find that bleach and disinfectants are pesticides. Many cleansers contain pesticides.
The NPIC website contains a wealth of information and is easy to use. There are numerous fact sheets. The fact sheets on Active Ingredients found in pesticides are available in both general language; easily understood by all, as well as technical language. There are also fact sheets on a variety of topics. While reading the fact sheet named “Inert or ‘Other’ Ingredients”; I was dismayed to find that inert ingredients are not necessarily non-toxic. Unless an inert ingredient is determined to be highly toxic, it is not required to be identified by name or percentage on the label.
NPIC has developed PestiByte Podcasts, with answers to the most commonly asked questions they encounter.  You can either listen to them or read them.
If you have a pesticide emergency, 911 is the number to call; NPIC provides a listing of Pesticide Emergency Resources.  NPIC also offers a free hotline, 1-800-858-7378, 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM Eastern time, hosted by trained pesticide specialists seven days a week.
Check it out, there is far more to the website than is listed here.  Learn to keep your family and pets safe.

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