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A Few Moments to Relax

July 27, 2011

This long stretch of dry weather has allowed a lot of farmers to get caught up with their fieldwork.  First cut is (finally!) finished, some 2nd cut is done, but mostly it’s regrowing.  After getting their PSNT results back, corn that needed it has been sidedressed.  The manure storage seems to be getting down to a reasonable level.

I hope you take the time to kick back and relax a little while you have a chance.  This doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, nor take a lot of time, but the rewards of getting away are great.  Last week I took a couple of vacation days; my sister was camping at Little River State Park and I joined her.   After the floods of 1927 and 1934, Little River was dammed up to create Waterbury Reservoir, the ninth-largest body of water in Vermont.  There are two state parks on Waterbury Reservoir, Little River (camping only, no day-use) and Waterbury Center.  My sister and I each have kayaks; we spent a lot of time kayaking (after slathering with sunscreen, and wearing wide-brimmed hats).  When we got too warm we pulled to shore and dove in to cool off.  The second day was beastly hot.  We packed a lunch, filled our water bottles, put on our sunscreen and hats and went river-walking.  If you’ve never heard of it, or never done it, river walking is great fun and very refreshing on a hot day.

River walking requires no special equipment.  My footwear depends on the river; if the bottom is sandy, I wear sneakers and socks.  If the bottom is more gravelly, I wear waterproof sandals.  We have a bunch of old ski poles in the attic of the garage; I use a pair of those for stability as well as checking out how deep pools are, so I can choose to step in or not.  It’s great exercise, the views from the rivers are great, and often you are under tree cover, protected from the heat of the sun.  It’s a good idea to toss bug dope in your pack as well; sometimes it’s necessary.

Vermont has a lot of State Parks, there’s sure to be one in your area.  You can camp, hike, bike, explore nature, swim, go boating, fish, or just sit and enjoy.   State Parks are not free, there is a nominal charge.  If you are age 62 and up or are permanently disabled due to military service, you qualify for a Green Mountain Passport.  Visit your Town Clerk’s Office, and for $2. your Green Mountain Passport gives you free day entry into all VT State Parks and VT Historic Sites for life.  It’s a great deal, you’ve earned it, get it and use it!

If you’ve had enough of the outdoors and want to be inside, or if the weather is poor, there are many interesting  museums as well as the historic sites. You may just want to take a ride and enjoy our beautiful state.  You can do it by car, or one of the trains or boats available.  Call your neighbor and invite them along as well.  You’ll be pleasantly energized by taking a few hours away and doing something enjoyable for yourself and family.

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