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Mother Nature’s July 4th Excitement

July 12, 2012

Claude is 6′ tall, to give you scale

The bunch of lindens just laid down……

One of 8 or 9 loads

See the Widow Makers?

Lunch Break!

We were in the direct line of a severe storm  July 4th. Wow, Mother Nature can pack a wallop. I have never experienced a storm like this, and frankly, once is enough excitement for me! We lost a few trees, but were extremely lucky to have very little damage. This is the White Ash tree that stood proudly in our front yard for about 125 years. The storm was so loud, we didn’t hear her go down. She was a grand old lady, considerate too, falling parallel to the house, missing the house completely.

The bunch of Lindens landed mostly on the fence of the dogs’ play area.  Their tops laid on the porch and garage roofs, without breaking any of the skylights.

Friends and family came to help clean up.  All have considerable experience with chain saws. I handed out hearing protection to all, ignoring their grumbling and complaining. I wanted them to wear the logging helmets with face shields and hearing protection built in, but they refused, saying it was too hot to wear them. They are adults, I can only request….. Those that had chaps did wear them.

It was amazing to me how many smaller, useless branches and leaves there were to clean up.  This was one job I could help with; I am not comfortable using a chainsaw.

When any tree falls hitting other trees in the area, or if there is damage from wind or any cause to a tree, there is the possibility of Widow Makers.  In the photo you can see several branches that have been broken and are hung up in a tree, or are partially broken.  These are very dangerous; they can fall at any time, injuring or even killing people below.

We had a professional come and check the other trees in our yard.  We have two more that must come down.  One was damaged by the ash’s fall, the other is a large Silver Maple that was damaged by the wind.  The tell-tale sign that there was irreparable wind damage is the large patches of bark on the ground below the tree; looking up, one can see where the bark fell off the branches when they were being whipped around in the wind.  One very large limb, which would fall on the house if it fell, began to crack away from the tree; there is sap oozing from the crack.  The professionals are coming back this weekend to take those two trees down. I am not a fan of Silver Maples, I am glad to have these two go.  Our yard is going to look very different after this mess is all cleaned up!

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  1. July 13, 2012 11:18 am

    Wow! I was surprised to see the big changes in your yard when I drove by. It is shocking and sad, I’m sure. They aren’t kidding when people say: Change is in the wind.

  2. gailinvt permalink
    July 13, 2012 9:40 am

    Hi Ellen, Our farm is also on the brow of a hill; I know what you’re talking about. It’s the dog that hides, though……in a corner of the bathroom!

  3. July 12, 2012 4:14 pm

    good heavens! What a storm! It was bad in Maine, but not that bad. The storms we are getting with this “new weather” (global wierding) are really scary. Our farm is on top of a hill, when a storm strikes I want to crawl under the bed and hide until it’s over. Often I can stand in the kitchen and watch lightning strikes on both sides of the house.

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