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Clean-Up from the 4th of July Storm Continues

July 16, 2012






In the previous post, I told of the July 4th storm that caused significant damage to some trees in our yard.  We hired a professional to take down the two damaged trees; one large limb of the first tree was in perfect alignment to fall on the house and porch. The second tree was boxed in by other trees, the house and the road; they both had to come down piece-by-piece.  Tim Rooney of Timbers Tree Care arrived with a helper and got right to work. Clicking on each picture enlarges them; you can then see the safety rigging he used.  The braces on his lower legs provide the spikes for climbing the tree.  The chainsaw he uses while up in the tree has a 14″ bar and only weighs about 7 lbs, fully fueled. Tim is going to come back soon and trim the damage to the Black Locusts and other Silver Maples from the storm.  We are expecting the stump grinder any day now. The front yard and side yard now feel so empty; our porch lost all of it’s shade trees, I guess it’s now a sun porch!  The last photo is of the side yard; a full day’s effort yesterday cleaned that up, now on to cleaning the front. We will be planting replacement trees….suggestions, anyone?

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