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Wonderful Weather for a Trim!

July 22, 2013


Yesterday when I woke up, the house was almost chilly!  The high temperature for the day was 25 degrees cooler than Friday, with much lower humidity and a stiff breeze.  Perfect weather for working in the yard and gardens.  I slathered on the sunscreen, donned my sunglasses and dorky sun hat with the long tail in back to protect my neck, and headed outside.  The front gardens and lilacs needed work; I’ve been avoiding them for too long.  I got out my rubber kneeling pad, wheelbarrow, anvil and bypass pruners, bow saw and work gloves and headed to the front lawn, followed by my trusty companion, Kade.

I quickly found that the mosquitoes were enjoying the weather as well; they were ferocious!  Back inside I went for bug dope.  My hat may be dorky, but spraying bug dope on it works; I don’t have to put the chemicals in my hair or on my face and neck!

It didn’t take long to find that my pruners were dull.  It took a very few passes with the sharpener and I was back in business.  What a difference sharpening makes!!

I subscribe to the theory that the only difference between a bad haircut and a good haircut is about a week, and feel this translates well to pruning.  Truthfully, at first I was a bit conservative, but Husband was tedding hay; now was my chance to work without a critic telling me “enough”!  I asked Kade if it looked alright, and she smiled back at me (she’s a Norwegian Elkhound, she always looks like she’s smiling!) so I kept going.  The more I trimmed the lilacs, the better she liked it; she loved being able to get under them, into the shade as I took out the low-hanging branches.  Some branches were touching the house; they’re gone now….  (I googled ‘pruning lilacs’; it should have been done right after blossoming.  Ooops……)

Am I done yet?  No, I need to get into the bushes and thin out the suckers; Hubby came home and was okay with what I’d done, but didn’t want me to do any more.  Thinning will happen another day; I just have to give him a week to get used to this “haircut”!

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